Making Others Feel Safe in Public Places

Making others feel safe in public places is an important part of reducing that horrible experience of feeling vulnerable when you’re in the street. At SafeKab, we strongly believe in prioritising safety for all. In this article, we’ll share some valuable tips on how you can contribute to creating a secure environment and making others feel safe in public places.

Keep Your Distance

Respecting Personal Boundaries: When walking behind someone, especially at night, it’s essential to maintain a reasonable distance between yourself and the person ahead. Remember, the closer you are, the more intimidating you might appear. Respecting personal boundaries is key to making others feel safe. Avoid invading someone’s personal space without their consent and pay attention to nonverbal cues that indicate discomfort. Giving people the space, they need and respecting their privacy helps establish trust. This contributes to a safer environment for everyone.

Don’t Stare

Averting Intimidation: We all know that being stared at by a stranger can be unsettling. To show that you’re not a threat, focus your attention elsewhere. Look out of the window, message a friend, or indulge in a book or newspaper. By diverting your gaze, you create a more comfortable atmosphere and alleviate any feelings of intimidation.

Cross the Road

Considerate Actions: Being approached by someone running up behind you, particularly at night, can be quite frightening. If you’re out for an evening run or walk and notice someone walking ahead, take the initiative to cross the road. You can also call out to let them know you’re about to run by them or simply leave a substantial amount of space when passing them. These small gestures can go a long way in ensuring the safety and peace of mind of others.

Keep Comments to Yourself

Respectful Communication: Sometimes, what we perceive as harmless fun or flattery can be insulting, upsetting, or even scary to someone else. It’s important to be mindful of our words and opinions. By keeping any comments or opinions to ourselves, we create a more positive and respectful environment for everyone to feel safe and comfortable.

Keep Your Friends in Line

Promoting Responsible Behaviour: If you find yourself in a group where someone is harassing another person on the street, it’s crucial to intervene and diffuse the situation. Calmly address the individual and let them know that their behaviour is inappropriate. By taking a stand and advocating for respectful conduct, you contribute to a safer and more welcoming public space.

Be an Active Bystander

Supporting Others: Being an active bystander can make a significant difference in making others feel safe. If you observe a situation that could potentially be unsafe or uncomfortable for someone else, step in and offer support in a safe and appropriate manner. This may involve alerting authorities, diffusing tension, or simply standing by the person in need. Your presence and willingness to help can have a profound impact on others’ feelings of safety.

Share These Tips to Help Others Feel Safe

Spreading Safety Awareness: Sharing these tips with others is an effective way to promote a culture of safety and make everyone feel more secure on the streets. Together, we can create a stronger and safer community by educating and empowering others with this valuable knowledge.

SafeKab to Feel Safe

Booking a taxi or arranging a ride home with someone you trust is a great way to ensure you make it home safely. When booking with SafeKab, you can be sure of a safe ride home after a safe night out. Our invaluable safety features are there to ensure both your safety and the safety of our drivers.

  • The Power to Choose your driver, vehicle and price you pay for your ride. Giving you full control and transparency over your journey.
  • Unique Safety Code for you and your driver so you know you’re in the right vehicle.
  • Journey Monitoring so you can see where you are, the road home and also share this information with a loved one.
  • A Panic Button is embedded in our app so if you feel vulnerable at any time, you can press the button and notify both SafeKab’s local cab office and a loved one.
  • SafeKab Credit means that you don’t need to carry money or a card to get your ride home. Money can be deposited in your in-app wallet so there is always cash to get you home after a great night out.

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There is nothing worse than that vulnerable feeling you get when having to walk home alone, especially at night. With the FREE SafeWalk feature found in-app, you can share your route, position, and destination with a contact through the app, and they can track your journey in real time. This means you’ll never have to walk alone again!

Not only that, the SafeWalk feature utilises the SafeKab panic button, so you can feel even more secure knowing that just one click of the on-screen button will notify our local office and a designated friend or family member/loved one that help is needed along with a notification of your exact location. This means, should you feel threatened in any way, help will be on the way immediately!

SafeWalk is a fantastic tool for students, schools, families, lone women, and anyone who might feel vulnerable while travelling alone. But it’s also a great tool for any visitor to Inverness. The SafeWalk feature will help tourists and visitors find their way back to their hotel or out to dinner or a cheeky drink, allowing their fellow travellers or loved ones to keep a watchful eye over their journey.

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