About Us

Safekab was born in the height of the pandemic when customers no longer accepted a regular service. Customers now demand a safer way to travel and their expectations increased dramatically.

Operators reacted quickly to deal with this new demand put on them with new safety policies such as cashless payments, driver/passenger partitions and cleaning all contact points after each journey. It’s become clear that there needs to be a new way to do business and communicate with customers expecting a safer way to book and travel.

Marandy Ltd, a 30 year old company that’s been developing some of the most prolific taxi/cab software of its time were already ahead of the game and on the path of developing a revolutionary taxi/cab app.

It’s now our mission to build a Safekab community supporting operators, drivers and passengers using cutting edge technology for the benefit of all, in the community in the most transparent way possible.

Safekab CEO

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