The Benefits to Passengers

This dynamic new application allows passengers to receive the highest standard of service by introducing interaction in real-time at lightning speed with drivers in the area. They may choose their driver based on their ETA, driver rating, previous journeys with them, car type.

Passenger safety features

  • Choose their preferred driver
  • Safety code to confirm the correct car
  • Share their journey info with family or friend
  • Safekab credit
Safekab App
SafeKab Credit

Safekab Credit


No Money Will Change Hands Making It Fast, Easy And Clean To Use. As A Parent Or Employer You Can Add Funds/Credit To Any Account To Make Sure Your Loved Ones Or Staff Members Can Order A Ride At Any Time.

Safety Code

When securing a ride on the app the passenger will be given driver and car details with an image of the driver. The customer will use a unique 4-digit code when the driver arrives to confirm it is the correct and licenced car they are getting into. The journey and location can then be shared to a third party by the passenger, such as a family member, until they reach their destination.

The passenger may receive offers from multiple drivers with different competitive rates but remember you have full control on how best to set this application up to get the best results for your area.

The application has extra security features that will help on marketing the app and to enhance customer confidence.

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