At SafeKab we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Across our services we have implemented or are looking at ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint and do our best to help reduce waste and increase our sustainability credentials.

Here are a few of the things we’re doing to make this happen and we are always looking to improve our positive impact on the environment and sustainability.

  • Walk and Taxi: At SafeKab, we recommend that customers consider taking a walk into town for their shopping and then using a taxi for the return trip whenever possible. This approach not only helps to minimise your carbon footprint and promote sustainability, but it can also reduce the stress and fatigue that often come with long walks. By choosing Safekab, you can enjoy a convenient mode of transportation that supports your well-being while also helping to protect our planet.
  • Cycle and Taxi: At Safekab, we believe that cycling is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our larger vehicles are equipped to transport you and your bike home after a ride into town or further afield, making it easy to choose eco-friendly transportation options and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Ridesharing: This is a fantastic way to promote sustainability and we strongly recommend sharing a cab to all our customers when booking a taxi with us, especially if you’re planning a night out with friends. By sharing a ride with others, you not only decrease the number of vehicles on the road, but you also contribute to energy conservation and reducing harmful emissions. This helps make the world a greener, more sustainable place to live.
  • City Office: When in town, we encourage our customers to use our SafeKab office on Church Street, Inverness to get their taxi home. This not only saves energy but also helps us to rideshare you with another customer when appropriate.
  • Cancel Unnecessary Trips: We ask our customers to call and cancel their taxi if it’s no longer required. Sending a car to you uses a lot of energy, fuel, and time, and by cancelling your trip we can conserve energy and, in turn, reduce emissions. If customers do not cancel their journeys, their registered card will still be charged to offset the journey made and fuel wasted. We understand plans change, but wasted journeys for drivers leads to needless waste which is no good for our planet.

We are committed to providing safe travel that observes sustainable practices and helps secure positive opportunities for the generations to come.