How Drivers Can Benefit

The SafeKab application will empower any driver to work most efficiently. It gives them the freedom of choosing the job they would like to take based on the information provided on the application: customer profile, traffic information, pick up and destination point.

  • Drivers can be in control
  • Choose the rides they want to take
  • Rate a customer
  • Easily communicate with customers
  • Locate customers
  • Choose the fair
  • Peace of mind of working safely 

Connect. Communicate. Locate. Book

Drivers can easily communicate with their customers, locate them and alert them about their arrival with a press of a button. To ensure highest security, we implemented various features such as drivers can only pick up the correct customer with a matching security code, which cuts back on lost time and lost earnings. Another key feature is that drivers can rate a customer and therefore a customer profile can be built.

With the help of our technicians the operator can setup the application allowing the level of control drivers can have according to what works best in their area.

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