Safekab App is the latest cutting edge technology giving customers and drivers true communications and control of who to travel with.

Keep your Passengers and Drivers Happy

invited to Westminster to showcase our safety features

We were very privileged to have been invited to Westminster to showcase our safety features to MPs from around the country

Cut your overheads with 100% automation

No call handlers and dispatchers needed

You, the operator, will have overall control and can define the parameters to setup the platform that gives intelligence to the server engine to best suit your area, customers and drivers.

Full automation still allows admins to monitor jobs and booking requests enhancing customers and drivers satisfaction.


Operator, Become a Partner

We are now actively looking for partners to join our Safekab movement. If you would like to register for your area and offer this unique service to your existing customers, then please get in touch.

We will work with you closely ensuring you have the edge over your competitors by giving you the best possible platform for your customers and drivers with every ride booked.

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Safekab and Sustainability