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What Is SafeKab?

Safekab is a new tool for private hire and Taxi firms. Safekab is designed to complement your current operations and give you a tool that enable you to compete effectively with the emerging and current multinational competitions. Safekab does not require any changes in your current booking and dispatch systems, it will work alongside of that.

The concept of Safekab is very different to current working practices. We all are aware of the changes in the current taxi and private hire market. The driver and customer expectations have changed. Drivers are no longer adhering to old working practices. There is a clear demand for better safety for both customers and drivers. They both require new features that reassure both customers and drivers and give them the tools that help them in case of any unexpected issues.

Current tough competition and the squeeze in the margins available and the rising cost is other major issue for any firm. To be able to survive and thrive in the current market requires reducing overheads and introducing new technology and automation.

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Safekab has taken all these points at heart and designed a new system with the help of several leading Taxi and Private hire Firms. Safekab will squash your overheads by enabling you to have a 100% automation with Safekab. Another very important feature of Safekab is many safety features for both customers and drivers. Safekab introduces a total transparent system to your drivers and customers, this will enable your customers and drivers to make an informed decision, eliminating all the unnecessary complaints and misunderstandings. A transparent system can only help the industry to lift the customer service to much higher level.

SafeKab enables you to have a safe presence in the area you operate with no day to day operating costs. Our partnership will enable your existing and new customers to download the Safekab app that will be registered in with your company name and details giving you peace of mind.

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Safekab will give both customers and driver’s choice, a passenger requesting an urgent taxi/cab can request a priority service which will naturally include a fee. With Safekab drivers earning will improve. Safekab will enhance driver’s satisfaction with their job since they have more control in what they do. However, the operator, has an overall control of the parameters that the system is working with. The operator can define the framework for their own area that will best service the needs of both drivers and customers.

Safekab will reduce your overheads significantly and also enables you to increase your income by offering a safe targeted service to your customers for a pre declared and transparent fee.

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How SafeKab Works

1- Once the Passenger submits a ride in the application they will receive a unique 4 digit code and an estimated fare that is setup by the operator.

2- Drivers who are located in the area receive a notification with the details of the ride.

This can be setup many ways, but one option would be to send the job to the longest waiting 3 drivers in the area

3- Drivers will be given full information on the trip, Pickup-drop off location, who is the customer, rating of customer and estimated cost customer was given. The driver can now choose is this job right for them and send the customer a request to take on that trip.

4- Passenger receives detailed information about all interested drivers and chooses their preferred driver. Passengers can select a driver based on their estimated time of arrival, driver details, driver rating, car type and cost. Passengers have a limited time to select a driver otherwise the request will time out and the booking will be cancelled, this is to allow drivers to look for other hires.

If no drivers are available immediately, the customer will be informed that we are looking for a car and notify you when one is found. The customer will have the option to hold or cancel the trip.


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5- Safekab will give the driver 3 options on price.

  • The fare estimate
  •  Discounted fare set by operator
  • Inflated fare set by operator

6- Once the passenger selects a driver, the drivers who were not selected will receive a notification and will be free to look for other hires.

7- When the driver is selected, passenger and driver can communicate if they wish so, the communication might be via text or call.

8-Driver reaches the passenger at pick-up point. Passenger gives the 4 digit code to the driver to ensure it is the correct and licensed car they are getting into. The system allows the trip to progress once the code is input.

If the driver has trouble locating the customer, they can send a notification and with the press of a button the passenger can send their location.

9- Passenger can send a link to anyone to monitor their journey. 

10- Passengers rates the driver on the ride, and the driver also can rate the passenger.

11- Drivers will need to download the app and setup your driver profile. All monies will get paid directly into drivers account.

12- This is an ASAP service and no future bookings at present

13- No shows will see the driver with a minimum fare that’s setup by the operator or the distance travelled to your customer. Example, you will be paid airport price of you travelled to the airport for a no show.

14- Customers will have an option to pay for priority, £8 to jump the queue. (price to be set by operator). This will then be paid to the operator.

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