Safety Features

Community Safety Feature

The panic button is a safety feature that can be used anywhere at any time by anyone who downloads the App. For example, if a person walking home is approached by a hostile group, they can use the panic button, which will alert their exact location to the closest Safekab office, and will open up communication between them and the office.

SafeKab PasscodesSafety Code

When a trip is booked the passenger is issued with a Code to be presented to the driver to ensure they get into the correct car

SafeKab CreditSafekab Credit 

Parents and employers can add funds to their accounts to ensure their families and employees can order a cab/taxi at any time.

Safekab AppPassengers Choice

Passengers can choose their preferred driver.

Journey Monitoring   

Passengers can share their journey info with friends or family.
Rating – Passengers and drivers can rate each other.


Passengers and drivers can communicate with each other via text or call.