5 Reasons to Drive with SafeKab: Take More Control

At SafeKab, we understand the new challenges and expectations for taxi customers. We’ve listened and reacted to ensure that to drive with SafeKab means that safety and peace of mind are paramount. SafeKab has invested in new safety policies, such as cashless payments, customer and driver ratings. As well as in journey monitoring that keeps both parties safe.  

We’re committed to delivering a new and safer way of doing business that meets the demands of drivers and customers.

SafeKab is a revolutionary app that will transform the way drivers and passengers interact, giving more control of the journey to both parties. Our mission is to build a SafeKab community that supports operators, drivers, and passengers using cutting-edge technology for the benefit of all.

Here are just 5 reasons why joining the SafeKab family will enhance your taxi driving experience on every journey you make!

Drivers are In Control When They Drive With SafeKab

The SafeKab app provides drivers with all the necessary information they need to make informed decisions. This includes customer profiles, traffic information, pick up and destination points. With this information, drivers have the freedom to choose the rides they want to take, giving them complete control over their work schedule.

Drivers Can Choose Their Fares

With SafeKab, drivers can choose the fares they want to take when they drive with SafeKab. This means that they have control over the amount of money they can earn. This is especially useful for drivers who want to work during peak hours or in busy areas.

Safety and Security

SafeKab prioritises safety and security for both drivers and passengers. Drivers can only pick up the correct customer with a matching security code, ensuring their safety during each ride. Additionally, drivers can rate customers, which helps build a customer profile and ensures that drivers are paired with reliable and trustworthy passengers.

Easy Communication with Passengers

The SafeKab app provides drivers with an easy way to communicate with passengers. Drivers can easily locate passengers and alert them about their arrival with the press of a button. This feature ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for both drivers and passengers.

Customisable Features

SafeKab understands that each area has its unique challenges and opportunities. To ensure that drivers have the best experience possible, the app’s features can be customized according to their location and preferences. This allows drivers to work more efficiently and earn more money.

Become a SafeKab Driver

As a driver for SafeKab, you’ll have more control over the rides you take and the journeys you make.

Join our team today and become a part of the SafeKab community.