10 Reasons to Start Using SafeKab Today!

SafeKab is transforming the way you travel, and there are ten compelling reasons why you should start using our taxi app today. With a focus on safety, reliability, and convenience, SafeKab ensures your peace of mind during every taxi journey.

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  1. Inverness Taxis Partnership
    SafeKab has partnered with Inverness Taxis, a well-respected local taxi company. Together, they provide a reliable, safe, and iconic taxi service throughout Inverness and the Highlands.
  2. Empowered Travel
    The app empowers passengers to choose their preferred car and driver. The app offers complete transparency, ensuring you are in control of your journey.
  3. Safety Features
    SafeKab offers innovative safety features, including a star rating system for both passengers and drivers, ensuring accountability and comfort.
  4. Safety Code
    Before starting your journey, you’ll get a unique code for matching with your driver’s code, enhancing safety and confidence.
  5. Journey Monitoring
    Stay connected with loved ones during your travels. Share your journey information and location in real-time, providing peace of mind to your friends and family.
  6. Panic Button
    In case of emergencies, the app has a panic button notifies both the local office and designated contacts, ensuring your safety during the journey.
  7. Fixed Fares
    When you order a taxi, you’ll receive offers from drivers for fares to your destination. Once you accept this offer, the price is locked in. No more staring at taxi meters – just transparent prices.
  8. Cashless Travel
    Top up your in-app SafeKab wallet, and never have to take out your purse or wallet to pay. This way, you can always make sure you have money for the taxi home, and you don’t need to carry any cash!
  9. SafeWalk
    SafeKab’s ‘SafeWalk‘ feature allows you to stay safe and connected even when walking home alone. Share your route with a contact, and they can track your journey in real-time.


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Safety and reliability are the core values of SafeKab. Download the app today and join the safety revolution. Whether you’re a student, a family, or a lone traveller, SafeKab ensures you never have to walk alone again.

To learn more and be a part of this exciting journey in community safety, visit SafeKab’s website or follow us on all social media platforms.

Download the SafeKab app today and experience travel with confidence and security.