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Stay Safe On A Date – The SafeKab Guide

Dating is a wonderful part of life and there can be few things more exciting than going on a first date with a potential new partner. Although you might be excited to get to know this new someone in your life, it is important to stay safe on your first date.  In this blog post, we have outlined our top tips and insights on how to stay safe on a date and make sure your liaison is a memorable one for all the right reasons!

Prioritising Staying Safe on a First Date

Choosing the Right Meeting Place: You might have been speaking to your date on dating apps or online but be safe! Opt for a meeting in a public venue such as a café, restaurant, or bar. These locations provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Inform a Friend or Loved One: Before heading out on a date, let a friend or family member know your plans. Share details such as the location, time, and some elements of the person you’ll be meeting. It’s always good to have someone aware of your whereabouts.

Trust Your Instincts: Pay attention to your gut feelings during the date. Don’t hesitate to trust your instincts if something feels off or uncomfortable. Your intuition is always your most powerful tool in ensuring your safety.

Plan Your Transportation: Ensure you have a reliable transportation plan in place before the date. Arrange for a trusted friend, family member, or a reputable taxi service like SafeKab to pick you up or drop you off. SafeKab has some terrific safety features like driver profiles, unique ride passcodes, GPS journey monitoring and an invaluable SOS button on the app should you feel unsafe. Should you need to walk home, there is also the innovative new SafeWalk feature which can share your journey home with a loved one, so they can be with you every step of the way home.   

Watch Your Drinks: Always keep an eye on your drink. Avoid leaving it unattended and consider getting a new one if you have doubts about its safety. Stay vigilant to protect yourself from potential drink tampering.

Set Boundaries and Communicate: Clearly communicate your boundaries and comfort levels to your date. Remember that it’s okay to say “no” if something doesn’t feel right. Respect and consent are fundamental aspects of a safe dating experience.

Ask for Angela

“Ask for Angela” is a safety phrase that can help you discreetly seek assistance should you find yourself in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation during a date. Here’s how it works:

Identify a Trustworthy Staff Member: In venues that support the “Ask for Angela” initiative, look for bar staff, waiter, or staff member who appears friendly and approachable.

Use the Safety Phrase: Politely ask, “Is Angela available?” or “Can I speak with Angela, please?” These phrases discreetly signal to the staff that you need assistance without drawing attention to yourself.

Help Arrives: Once the staff recognises the safety phrase, they will react and provide you with a safe space, call a taxi, or contact authorities if necessary.

Download SafeKab

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at SafeKab. Why not put our safety tips into action next time you’re on a date and download our app and make safety your priority?

Our safety features include:

  • The Power to Choose your driver, vehicle and price you pay for your ride. Giving you full control and transparency over your journey.
  • Unique Safety Code for you and your driver so you know you’re in the right vehicle.
  • Journey Monitoring so you can see where you are, the road home and also share this information with a loved one.
  • A Panic Button is embedded in our app so if you feel vulnerable at any time, you can press the button and notify both SafeKab’s local cab office and a loved one.
  • SafeKab Credit means that you don’t need to carry money or a card to get your ride home. Money can be deposited in your in-app wallet so there is always cash to get you home after a great night out.
  • SafeWalk our innovative new feature will allow you to share your walk home with a loved one via GPS tracking as well as provide an SOS button that will alert our office and your loved one should you feel vulnerable at any point on your walk home!

Download the SafeKab app today!

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