Reasons to Become a Taxi/Cab Driver in the UK

Taxi driving is an occupation that has been around since the horse and cart and people have been drawn to the profession ever since. The reasons to become a taxi driver a varied. From the fantastic flexibility in working hours and unlimited earnings to the joy of meeting new people and serving your community. But for some reason, many taxi drivers are now over 50 and without new drivers cities could be left without a vital piece of their transport network!

We’ve put together a list of the best reasons to become a taxi driver to try and tempt you into a driving career that can provide you with the lifestyle you desire as well as the job satisfaction you deserve!

Why not become a taxi driver?

Serving Your Community:

Few occupations allow you to make such great connections with a wide variety of the community. From helping people get to vital appointments to transporting revellers and residents to big night outs and the most important days of their lives, you can have an impact on the individuals that live in your community. Every town and city needs a strong taxi fleet to meet the needs of the community, YOU can make a difference!

Flexibility Tailored to You:

One of the significant advantages of being a taxi driver is the flexibility it offers. As a taxi/cab driver, you have the ability to set out your own working hours. The industry operates 24/7 so whether you prefer working in the evenings, weekends, or even as a supplementary job, taxi driving allows you to customize your schedule to suit your needs. The flexibility of this profession allows you to work around your personal life. Whether that’s for family commitments, sports commitments or supporting your other career. Being a cab driver makes it possible.

Not Ready to Retire or Want to Come Out of Retirement?:

Are you too active and want to do some part-time hours? Or maybe want to top up the pension with some extra income for those holidays in the sun? Or maybe you are bored with your retirement and want to work a few days a week to interact with the community?

Whatever your reason is for looking to work some hours/days in a week, becoming a driver with a reputable local company will serve you well.

Support for You and Your Family:

Taxi driving can provide financial stability and support for both you and your family. Driving a taxi gives you the potential to earn an income that is entirely in your hands! Driving offers an avenue for financial security and the ability to meet your family’s needs, whatever they may be. Whether it’s for school uniforms, trips, saving for a house or just affording a happy and healthy lifestyle you have the means at hand to provide what’s needed for you and your family.

Exciting Interactions and Experiences:

If you enjoy driving and enjoy meeting new people, becoming a taxi driver can offer you the dream job. The nature of this profession brings you in contact with people from all walks of life from solicitors, doctors, nurses, footballers, tourists, the retired, and maybe even a celebrity or two! You can be guaranteed one thing, each day will be different and be prepared for a journey you never thought you would have.

Leveraging Technology for Increased Earnings:

In today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in the taxi driving industry. By utilising apps and tools such as SafeKab to help you maximise your earnings as you go from trip to trip. SafeKab offers you the ability to set the fare and choose the rides you take. Controlling your own earnings has never been so simple.  

Another way to open a door for further earnings is to give outstanding service to your customers. Most passengers will appreciate you going the extra mile that makes them feel safe and welcome by tipping you well.

Safety Whilst You Work:

No one should feel any threat whilst they are working, but being a lone worker brings its own issues. That’s why SafeKab has been developed to ensure that you are as safe as possible as you drive your cab and serve your community.

The SafeKab app allows you to pick your fares, but also shows you the passenger’s profile, making sure passengers and drivers alike behave responsibly on their journeys. The app also allows for in-app journey monitoring and has an SOS button that links to your nearest SafeKab office. So, should you feel vulnerable in any way during your journey or on your shift just press the button.

The SafeKab also offers cashless travel options and generates secure passcodes making sure you’re picking up the right passenger.

Being a cab driver is brilliant, and SafeKab ensures that it stays a safe, enjoyable job. Why not join the ranks of the countless that have enjoyed it over the years?  

How to Become a Taxi Driver

Have we given you enough great reasons to become a taxi driver? Why not take the first steps on the road to your new career and contact us now? It might just be the best thing you ever do!