Safeguarding Our Pets: Combatting Pet Theft

In the face of rising pet theft incidents, it’s imperative that we, as a society deeply attached to our pets, take significant and informed steps to safeguard these irreplaceable members of our families. Our furry companions are not mere possessions; they are integral parts of our lives, offering companionship, love, and emotional support. As the number of pet thefts escalates, understanding the nuances of this issue and implementing effective preventive measures has never been more crucial. Here’s our guide to combatting pet theft and keeping your pets safe!

Pet Theft: More Than Just a Number

Recent statistics have unveiled a troubling trend: an increase in pet thefts, with certain breeds being particularly vulnerable. Breeds like English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and XL Bullies top the list of those most targeted by thieves. This rising trend is a clear indication of the lucrative nature of pet theft, driven by high demand and the potential for significant profit.

Recognising pet theft as a distinct and serious crime has been fraught with challenges. However, recent legislative efforts, including the introduction of the Pet Abduction Bill by MP Anna Firth, signal a hopeful shift towards providing the necessary legal framework to deter pet theft. This move is crucial in transitioning pet theft from being considered mere property theft to acknowledging the profound emotional impact it has on owners.

Preventative Measures

SafeWalk – A Walker’s Best Friend

SafeKab has developed an app that not only takes taxi travel to the next level. But it also includes a FREE feature that can protect you and you’re dog as you walk.

SafeWalk allows you to share your walk home or walkies with a loved one so they can keep an eye on your journey every step of the way. We have also developed a ‘panic button’ that stays on your phone screen, so should you feel threatened you can press the button and notify both the local SafeKab office and a loved one that you need help, as well as a loud siren that will deter any potential pet thieves. With our FREE SafeWalk function, you need never walk alone ever again!

SafeWalk is completely free to use for anyone who downloads the app! It’s a fantastic tool for students, schools, families, lone women, and anyone who might feel vulnerable when on a walk with their dog or walking alone. Download the app now and be sure of a safe end to a safe night out.

Enhancing Home Security

Ensuring the safety of our pets begins at home. Upgrading security measures such as installing CCTV cameras, securing fences, and utilising outdoor lighting can significantly deter potential thieves. Awareness and vigilance are key to creating a safe environment for our pets.


Microchipping pets and ensuring the information is up-to-date is vital. This simple procedure can be the difference between being reunited with a lost pet or not. Pet owners should regularly verify their contact information on the microchip database to ensure it’s current and accurate.

Community Vigilance Against Pet Theft

The power of the community cannot be underestimated in preventing pet theft. Being alert and reporting suspicious activities can protect your pets and those in your community. Engaging with local pet groups and utilising social media platforms can amplify the message and enhance collective security efforts.

In Case of Pet Theft: Immediate Actions

  1. Report the Theft: Contact local law enforcement and provide them with all the necessary information about your pet.
  2. Alert Microchip Database: Inform the microchip registry that your pet has been stolen to flag their profile.
  3. Utilise Social Media: Share information about your missing pet on social media platforms and local community groups.
  4. Contact Local Vets and Shelters: Notify them about your missing pet so they can alert you if your pet is brought in.
  5. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of any developments and communicate with local authorities and the community.