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After a great night out, getting home safe and sound is paramount! In an ideal world, you’ll be whisked home in a friend’s car or a SafeKab taxi – it’s the safest way to travel home after a night out! But, if you do find yourself walking home, here are SafeKab’s top 7 tips to help you walk home safely at night:

Use SafeKab’s ‘SafeWalk’ Function:

Download the SafeKab app and you’ll find our invaluable feature called ‘SafeWalk’. With SafeWalk you can map your walk home and send your real-time location to a loved one. This way they can be with you every step of the road home! Not only that but there is also an SOS button on-screen! So, if you should feel vulnerable or need assistance on your walk home, press the button and help will be on the way! Both your loved one and the local SafeKab office are alerted of your location and that you need help all whilst a high-pitched alarm sounds on your phone to attract attention. This way you can walk with confidence knowing that you’re not alone!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put Your Best Foot Forward:

High heels might be glamorous, but they’re no good for a walk home! Opt for comfortable shoes you can easily walk in. It’s a good idea to keep a pair of lightweight pumps in your bag as a backup. That way there’s less risk of falling or getting any painful blisters when walking up the road.

Stay lit:

It might be very tempting to take a shortcut home through a dark park or alleyway but that’s not the safest option. Choose well-lit and well-trodden, populated paths and roads instead of lonely roads. If you need to walk on the road, always walk into oncoming traffic so approaching cars can see you and you can see them! SafeWalk has an on-screen map that will show you your route home, so just stick to the populated roads and you’ll be home in no time at all!

It’s All About the Confidence: SafeWalk

Walk tall, take steady strides, and keep your eyes forward when walking home. This will project confidence and deter any potential attackers from thinking you’re an easy target. If you get lost or feel vulnerable, head to a nearby shop or bar to regroup. If you download the SafeKab app, remember that the SafeWalk function has an SOS/panic button! Pressing this will alert your loved one as well as passers-by that you need help.

Stay Alert:

As much as we all love to stick on a bit of Taylor Swift and strut our stuff on the way home, keep your headphones out to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. This will help you avoid any potential dangers like traffic and detect any unusual sounds in your vicinity.

Keep Your Keys Ready:

Have your keys ready and in the correct position in your pocket or bag so that you can easily access your home or car without getting distracted or fumbling around.

Head to a Safe Place:

If you’re worried, head to a safe place like a pub, bar, or police station. These places have security personnel, staff members, or members of the public who can help deter potential attackers. Have your SafeWalk open your screen and don’t be afraid to press your SOS button to let others know that you’re feeling vulnerable and need assistance.


Taking a SafeKab home if you’re tired, drunk, or distracted is always the safest option after a night out. But SafeWalk is a great way to get home safe and sound, letting your loved ones know where you are and that you’re okay.

Download the SafeKab app now and use SafeWalk anytime you’re walking anywhere. Not only is it great for keeping you safe when walking home, it’s great for travelling as its GPS access means it will get you safely to any destination in any location! With SafeWalk, you’ll never have to walk anywhere alone ever again!

 Stay safe and take care of yourself!

Stay safe and take care of yourself

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