Never Walk Alone

Safewalk is a safety feature available to the community. It can be used anywhere, nationwide, at any time by anyone who downloads the Safekab App. It is free and simple to use.
When a user is walking home, he/she can share that journey with a family member or friend. If they feel threatened by anyone, they can press the App Panic Button. This will make a loud noise and will alert their exact location to the closest Safekab office, and will open up communication between them and the office.

Promoting Safety for lone females and the vulnerable

It’s Safekab/Safewalk goal to provide the safest possible service to the community it serves. With the use of the latest technology, passengers can use the app knowing every single action is recorded and an alert can be raised to a loved one should that be needed.

We are also tackling the issue for lone women or the vulnerable walking home. Again, we are using the latest technology to help give peace of mind knowing their walk is getting tracked and an SOS alert can be raised at the click of a button.


Safebuddy is a new feature to complement SafeWalk. Designed to be conveniently worn as a wristband or key ring. If walking with SafeKab, the user can keep their phone in the bag or pocket and easily press the SOS button on the wristband or key ring in case of an emergency and that will activate the Safewalk features. The Safebuddy can be used anywhere, even at home, all the user needs to do is to keep the phone with the SafeKab App on, the phone should be located no further than 80m distance from you. 

If the user press the button twice, an alert message will be sent to the friend or family member the user has chosen to share their trip information with. This service is available anywhere.

If the user press the button 3 times, SafeKab will send a taxi to the user location. This service is available in areas where SafeKab is operating.

These services are offered free of charge, the only one-time cost is for the purchase of the key rind or wristband.


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SOSBuddy Premium

The SafeBuddy Premium is a subscription service that you can join and cancel at any time. With this service when you press the SOS button, a member of SafeKab team will attempt to contact you back immediately to learn how best we can assist you. If we fail  to make contact with you, we will immediately make contact to your the members that you supplied to SafeKab for instructions.