SafeKab for the community

SafeKab is the next step in community safety and the safest way to book a ride home in a local taxi.

Demand for safe travel has never been higher and local taxi services have a major role to play in their community when it comes to getting passengers home safe and sound.

The driver shortage is causing a massive safety issue across the land with people having to wait hours for their lift home or walking if they fail to find a cab.

SafeKab has developed a new app that puts safety, transparency, and the power to choose at the heart of its operation.

The app achieves this by introducing complete transparency for both driver and passenger.

SafeKab is full of innovative features that provide drivers and passengers with new ways to communicate. Drivers and passengers have full control over the rides being booked, which gives them both a greater level of safety and confidence.

We believe by giving drivers enhanced safety features and options on what trip to take on to will help operators recruit more drivers and help them meet the demand.

We fully understand at big events busy weekends etc, it’s very difficult to meet the demand which is why we have built into the app the Safewalk feature.

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SafeKab Safety Features

The Power to Choose

Passengers have the option to choose the car or driver that best suits them and their trip. This gives the passenger greater control over what vehicle they get in and lets them know the details of the driver, allowing them to be more in control of their journey.

Drivers can also choose their trips, giving them greater control of who steps into their vehicle and the destination of the ride.

Passengers and drivers can score each other on a star rating, making everyone responsible for making that ride as comfortable as possible.

Safety Code

Passengers and drivers will be given a unique code that will have to match before their journey can begin. This way, passengers will know they are getting into the correct vehicle – further increasing their safety and their confidence in the process.

Journey Monitoring

Passengers can share their journey information with friends or family. They can even track the journey in real-time so that they know when the passenger gets to their destination.

Panic Button

The SafeKab app comes with a handy ‘panic button’. So, should they feel unsafe, or an emergency occurs, the passenger presses the button and both the local SafeKab office and a designated friend or a family member are notified of their location and that help is needed. This function is also available to the driver too, should they need any help on the journey.

SafeKab Credit

Parents or employers can deposit money in the handy SafeKab wallet stored in the app. Users will always have money for a ride home with a SafeKab wallet, and because it’s a secure online transaction, no money changes hands between the driver and the passenger.

Pay For Priority

Taxi drivers are in high demand now, so waits at taxi ranks can be longer than ever before. SafeKab has introduced a feature where passengers can pay for priority pickup, essentially jumping the queue and getting home swiftly and safely at the end of the night.


People don’t need to be in a cab to feel the benefit of using the SafeKab app. 

With SafeWalk, if someone is walking home, they can share their route, position and destination with a contact through the app. This contact can then track the user in real-time as they travel to their destination. No longer are they travelling alone!

This online tracking by your coupled with the SafeKab panic button means the walk home is monitored every step of the way until they get to their destination. Should the user feel unsafe at any time, they just press the panic button and both the local SafeKab office along with a friend or family member are notified of their location and that help is needed. 

SafeWalk will cease tracking after they have reached their destination and is completely free to use for anyone that downloads the app! It’s a great tool for students, schools, families, lone women, and anyone who might feel vulnerable whilst travelling alone.

Local taxi/cab Operators

The past few years have proved what a vital role local taxi/cab operators play in their community. Weather they are taking staff to work children to school clearing the streets at 03.00, getting passengers home when trains, planes are grounded and of course dealing with the general community needs and visitors coming into the community.

Our goal is to help local operators bring a more transparent safe way for their community to use their services and we believe Safekab is the tool to help achieve this.

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