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“I am delighted to see this Loughborough-based business offer this unique concept in taxiing. We know that customers like to use local taxi firms, where safety and reliability are key. Safekab offers protection to both drivers and passengers whilst ensuring smaller taxi firms are fully supported.”

Jane Hunt MP

Now is the time for Safekab

For years now the taxi/cab industry has gone through a major shakeup and many can argue not for the better.

The current market has seen many firms closed by the big multinational apps and many more looking for a way to survive. Local firms are important for the local economy and help to provide fair competition. They need support but are currently lacking the necessary tools to level the playing field and that’s why we have put so much work into developing Safekab.

Read on and learn why this new concept is gaining support from many.

Time For Change “SafeKab”

Currently as a result of pandemic there is a shortage of drivers which appears to make the firms busy. This should not distract us from a greater threat from the multinationals trying to alter the legal framework to gain even more advantage.

The main point is, there are solutions to these problems. What is required that we need to think outside of the box and be prepared to take on fresh ideas and cooperate with each other.

Cooperation between taxi and private hire firms is capable of changing the industry beyond recognition. Just by sharing the resources the industry can service a great deal more passengers and not refused jobs for lack of resources. This will benefit drivers directly by increasing their earnings and reducing their dead mileage.

There is a valid argument that this can’t be achieved in practice since it is virtually impossible to bring taxi firms to work with each other closely.  This is a valid argument if we stick to the current business model, which is the cause of many issues.

The solution is introducing transparency, and offer choice to both drivers and customers. Transparency will introduce confidence and choice improve satisfaction and allows competition.

Some may think competition means lower fare and lost earning, the point is what is the issue when a driver is heading back empty “lost earning” to offer more competitive rate to win a trip “earn more” and the customer receive lower cost service. However, the other side of the coin is at peak times when a customer must have a service and there are many situations that they can’t, why not customer have a choice to ask for priority service and drivers and operators to earn more. Competition will improve service, which in turn means more repeat business.

Current business model is failing both drivers and customers plus the fact that the operators also losing income!

The question is what is the reason for sticking to such a practice apart from what we are used to.

We have developed a 100% automated service that provides national coverage using local taxi firms and offers a totally transparent service to both customers and drivers. It enables drivers within the legal framework to be able to submit the fare (which will be in line with the local tariff) they are willing to provide the service for and leave it to the customer to choose which service among the offers received suit them best.

One of the main obstacles of bringing different local businesses to work together is the fact that it is always difficult to make agreements between different firms. However, the way SafeKab works allows different firms to work together without any formal or informal agreement between them since drivers in an area, irrespective of which company they are attached to, can submit their offer for any requests in the area and the customer is the one who decides which offer to accept. This eliminates any complaint of unfair practices “a common complaints” and encourages effective competition between service providers “Drivers”, while the customer will enjoy a greater choice. This process is extremely simple and lightning quick, allowing a customer to request a taxi and select the required driver within a few seconds.

Safekab business model will eliminate many inherent issues which taxi firms has to deal on daily basis, drivers rejecting jobs, customers no show not mentioning the overhead of managing the booking and dispatch.

Let us cooperate and win back drivers and customers we have lost to Uberiods.

Mostafa Moghisi

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