Safety Tips for Travellers: A Guide from SafeKab

Seeing the world or even our very own country is something that can broaden the mind and feed the soul. Travelling is also a rite of passage for many young people and can provide experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. But, travelling can also make you feel vulnerable and anxious, especially when you are in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. At SafeKab, we understand the importance of staying safe whilst on the move and that’s why we developed our local taxi service and personal safety app.

In this blog, we will share our top 10 tips to help you travel here and around the world with confidence and ease.

Plan Ahead for Safety

Before embarking on your trip, research your destination thoroughly. Familiarise yourself with the area, learn about local customs and traditions and maybe places to avoid. Find out about any potential risks or dangers that you might encounter.

Stay Connected

Make sure you have a reliable way to stay in touch with your loved ones back home. Keep your phone charged and have a backup charger with you. Download the SafeKab app and use our invaluable SafeWalk feature. With SafeWalk a loved one can track your position on whatever journey you make in the UK. They can be with your every step of the way and if you should feel vulnerable at any time, there is an SOS button! Press the SOS button and it will activate a load siren as well as let your loved one know where you are and that you need assistance. You need never walk alone again with SafeWalk! Just enter your destination and the app will guide you to your destination and keep you safe on the way.

Stay Alert

Always be aware of your surroundings and keep your senses sharp. Don’t get lost in your phone or distractions that can make you an easy target.

Avoid Dangerous Areas

Try not to walk alone in unfamiliar or poorly lit areas. Stick to well-lit and well-populated areas, especially at night. Activate SafeWalk and make sure you don’t walk alone!

Travel with Confidence and Safety

Walk with confidence and purpose, even if you don’t know where you’re going. This will make you less vulnerable to attacks.

Use Public Transport in Safety

Be cautious when using public transportation. Always stand near the driver or conductor and avoid empty carriages.

Book a Safe Taxi Service

It’s no secret that using a taxi is the safest method of public transport. When using taxi services, only use a licensed and reputable company, such as SafeKab or one of our partner local cab companies – Inverness Taxis or Aberdeen Taxis. Always check the driver’s license before getting into the car. Share your ride details with a friend or family member, so they know your whereabouts.

At SafeKab, we take the safety and security of our passengers seriously. Our drivers are highly trained and licensed professionals who undergo background checks before joining our team. Our vehicles are regularly maintained and are equipped with multiple safety features that ensure your safety as well as our drivers’.

Safety features such as:

The Power to Choose your driver, vehicle, and price you pay for your ride. Giving you full control and transparency over your journey.

Unique Safety Code for you and your driver so you know you’re in the right vehicle.

Journey Monitoring so you can see where you are, the road home and also share this information with a loved one.

A Panic Button is embedded in our app so if you feel vulnerable at any time, you can press the button and notify both SafeKab’s local cab office and a loved one.

SafeKab Credit means that you don’t need to carry money or a card to get your ride home. Money can be deposited in your in-app wallet so there is always cash to get you home after a great night out.

Trust Your Gut for Safety

Trust Your Gut for Safety

If something feels off, trust your instincts and take action. Whether it’s avoiding a person or a situation, always prioritise your safety above everything else.

Download the SafeKab app

Safety and reliability are at the heart of everything we do at SafeKab. Why not download our app and be part of the safety revolution and let us help you feel confident with every journey you make!

Download the SafeKab app today!

For more information about the app or to become a partner in this exciting new step in community safety, visit or follow us on Facebook.

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