Technology has so simplified human lives to a stage that you can just order taxis at your fingertips. With this speedy development in technology, it is certain that we will not see the end of these digital ride-ordering apps any time soon.

Taxi-ordering apps are largely used across the world because they are so efficient for any trip, regardless of the distance involved. With the help of new technology, we can now pre-book cabs at any time of day or night. You only need a taxi booking app to book your cab; there is no need to contact an agency.

Every reliable car rental service is expected to have their own apps that their customers can use for easy booking of a ride as the need arises.

While some Taxi booking apps have some limitation, some have added advantages for great customer experience and safety. Out of hundreds of taxi booking Apps out there, Safekab has been outstanding with its added essential features that can be useful even when users are not using to book a cab.

With this app, customers can rent a car or any type of vehicles quickly and effortlessly to take care of all their transit needs from one location to another or on a round trip. What are the features that make Safekab outstanding amongst others? Read on!

8 Important Features of Safekab App

Apart from solving your taxi booking problems, Safekab offers much better features. Below are some of the essential features and added functions of the app:

  1. User-Focused Booking Process

For any kind of business, the customer is the boss. Whether online or offline, an app should be built in a way that the user will find it easier when ordering a ride. The process should run smoothly and navigation shouldn’t be difficult for the user. If you have a preferred choice of car or you have lots of loads to transport, don’t fret. The Safekab allows users to pick their choice of ride they need with little or no stress at all. Safekab will give you a smooth ordering experience.

  1. Real-Time Ride Monitoring

We believe that users need to have access to track their taxi right after booking it. They must know in real-time when the taxi arrives or the current location of the taxi. Users should be able to track the location of their taxi till they alight from the vehicle at their destination. It is a vital feature not only for the passengers but also for the drivers as it helps to figure out the perfect route to get to the preferred destination.

  1. Booking Flexibility

Safekab users of the app are allowed to book a taxi instantly or sometime later. Users can also cancel orders. These tasks should not stress users at all.

  1. Transparent Ordering Process

The entire information about the fare is included on the app for the user. The service should be reliable and a detailed booking process is an important feature to include in your app. The customers can receive an advance estimate of the fare before completing the booking process via the app. This will make sure that the customer has a clear insight into the distance between the two locations involved and charges based on the distance, so that they can make a conclusion about booking a ride.

  1. Taxi Details

Details like that of the driver and the vehicle is available on Safekab. You can check them out for security and safety reasons.  

  1. Ride Feedback

This is among the most crucial parts of our service. Users can leave feedback on their experience, even if they are not satisfied. This will gather a number of ratings for each driver. The app would then use the ratings to provide preferences of drivers. By reading about past experiences of other customers of a particular driver, they can decide to go for a particular driver. That same driver can be made to run another job again based on the availability of that same driver.      

Other Essential Features of Safekab

  1. Emergency Contact for Real-Time Tracking

Aside from booking a taxi from Safekab app, there is another feature users will like about it. Emergency contact is important to guarantee the safety of the user. Unfortunately, the majority of cab booking apps does not have this component. What differentiate this app from the others is mainly because it sends message to an emergency contact when the needs arise.

The app mainly focuses on providing users the needed confidence to feel secure when they are travelling to their destination. Even if you are new to the part of the city where you find yourself when on your way home at night or walking, or you are going somewhere you’ve never been before, you must be prepared.

The fact that you can easily navigate this app to use this feature is one of the best parts and is so essential if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Safekab also has a widget that allows users to quickly notify their loved ones of their current location so they can locate them.

  1. Location-Saving Features

With this feature, it becomes easier for the user to order a cab at the frequent location without the need to go into details of their location. They will only have to choose one of their favorite locations and book a cab.

Have you downloaded Safekab on your Mobile?

Technology is rapidly changing our society. Those who refuse to keep up will not meet up. People are different from who they were a few decades ago. So, the use of apps like Safekab to order your cab and stay safe is essential. Join the train and enjoy the advantages of the on-service and off-service features of the app. Download Safekab now to enjoy all these essential features!

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